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The Power Tone Range plus Pilates
Our 6 piece PowerTone range now incorporates Pilates.
PowerTone Plus Pilates continues to set the standard as the world's number
one power assisted exercise tables.

Fly's and Thighs Firms the inner and outer thighs trimming and improving hip
mobility - simultaneously shaping the chest, shoulders and upper back.

Tummy Crunch Gently firms and flattens the entire abdominal group of
muscles while straightening the lower back, mobilising hips, knees and
tightening the buttocks.

Posture Pullover The moving pad gently lifts the ribcage helping the chest to
expand, improving breathing and posture.

Waist Away A superb exercise to create a firm, narrow waistline, firm flat
abdominals and adds strength and flexibility to the lower back.

Hipster Gently tones and firms hips, buttocks, lower back and legs.

Bums and Tums Tones and flattens the buttocks, hips, and tummy.

BodyCare Wellness Exercise equipment at Tallaght Wellness Centre
What is Power Assisted Exercise?
Power assisted exercise is the use of exercise equipment which incorporates
motors to assist the user in achieving the range of movement required. Power
assisted equipment permits the user, if they wish, to add their contribution to the
exercise (that is, adding force in the same direction as the motor, NOT in resisting

The Toning Tables and chairs form a series of power assisted exercise
machines, suitable for any shape or size. Each machine is designed to target
isolated muscles groups through a range of motions, without requiring too much
effort by the user unless desired. Anyone can use the machines. The gentle
movement makes the tables and chairs particularly suitable for people with
mobility issues and therefore regular exercise problems.

Power Assisted Research
Several studies are being conducted at Leeds Metropolitan
University. The pilot of one has already been completed. This study
involved middle-aged women who take little or no exercise and lead
a sedentary lifestyle and found that:

Their flexibility usually markedly improved
In many cases their blood pressure improved
In most cases there was a very marked feeling of wellbeing.
Power Assisted Exercise offers an alternative

Overweight Middle aged Elderly Unfit Out of Shape
De-conditioned Frail Lacking in muscle tone
Suffering from poor posture Suffering from joint problems
General Benefits
While BodyCare Wellness centres are aimed at the inch and weight
loss markets it is notable that we also attract clients for therapeutic
reasons e.g. Our Tallaght centre includes over 6 MS sufferers and
members with fibromyalgia, cardiovascular disease and joint and
back morbidity.

The key benefits that our members have felt include;

Increased muscle strength and muscle tone
Reduced stress and improved sleep patterns
Improved joint mobility
Increased confidence and self esteem
Improved circulation
Improved cardio vascular system
Reduced blood pressure
Improved digestive system
Improved posture
More energy
Help control blood pressure
Inch loss
Weight loss
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TEL: 01 4515 882
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